In early December 2015, Surrey County Council launched an on-line consultation exercise designed to elicit responses from the Surrey-wide community as part of the policy review on the future of rural Surrey to be embodied on a Rural Strategy.

Normandy Action Group has submitted their view on the Rural Strategy by completing the on-line questionnaire and adding supporting comments to their responses to each "Vision".

The Mechanism

The consultation was delivered in the form of a self-completion on-line questionnaire.

The questionnaire was divided into three sections

1. People & Communities
2. Services & Infrastructure
3. Economy & Environment

Each section had a number of topics, each presented with a "Vision" statement and a series of illustrative examples provided by the council. The "Vision" statements were capable of a wide range of interpretation but mostly they were worded in a way to prompt the respondent to view the "Vision" favourably.  The questionnaire was structured to enable the respondent to use a 5-point semantic scale to rate the vision, ranging from "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree", accompanied by an expandable text box for further comment and/or support for the rating chosen.

The Context

In December 2015, Surrey County Council received a visit by Prime Minister, David Cameron MP accompanied by Deputy Chief Whip and member for Guildford, Anne Milton MP. The Prime Minister congratulated Surrey County Council on implementing savings of £330 million over five years against an annual revenue budget of some £1,700 million in 2015. As a consequence, Surrey County Council is attempting to find ways to deliver services previously provided directly by encouraging volunteering and the creation of social enterprises.

This is the motivation behind this consultation. As a rural-only strategy consultation, this exercise might also suggest a retrenchment by Surrey County Council to delivering services funded by their own budget to their core urban locations.

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