The deadline for responses to the Government’s consultation on changes to the national planning system is fast approaching; we have until 29 October to make our comments.The Government is proposing changes to the system that some believe could pose a huge risk to the countryside and the communities living and working within it.

The consultation document contains fine words about protecting the Green Belt but is noticeably short on any detail about strengthening planning enforcement (pages 21 and 72 of the document); the Wanborough Fields saga (see article under 'Normandy Planning' on this website) underlines what an important omission this is.

In addition, and most controversially, under the proposals housing supply targets for different local authorities would be centrally determined and would be linked to ‘affordability pressure’ (page 23). In other words, areas such as Guildford where pressure on prices is great would be required by law to build more houses than areas where houses were cheaper. This would appear to go in the opposite direction to other Government policies aimed at decentralising the economy and encouraging development away from London and the South East.

The countryside charity CPRE has taken an unusually outspoken position on these proposals and has launched an online petition calling on Government to think again. NAG asks everyone to consider adding their own voice, either by signing the petition if they agree with it or by taking a look at the consultation document and making their own response – or both! A lot is at stake, and time is short.


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