There appears to be some confusion over the future of this appeal [APP/Y3615/W/18/3204536] against the decision on application 17/P/01413, as quoted on the GBC planning pages, as a search of the Planning Appeals Casework Portal draws a blank; it doesn't appear to exist. Perhaps that's because the land in question is now part of the Site 2011 re-introduced as a Major Modification to the Local Plan prompted by the Planning Inspector asking GBC to bring forward sites to enable a faster build-out rate in the earlier years of the Guildford Local Plan. The site will be subject of a new 6-week public consultation, scheduled to start in September 2018.

This appeal concerning planning application 17/P/01777 wouldn't be of concern under other circumstances but this site is adjacent to the proposed Vaglefield Farm development [17/P/01840 - see above].

NAG attended this hearing 3 July; we were not able to speak as there had been no prior warning of a site in Normandy/Flexford’s being up for discussion. In any event the Inspector made clear he would not allow a detailed discussion of the sites Guildford Borough Council [GBC] had put forward in response to his challenge to find ways of bringing forward house-building in the early years of the plan period; he simply wanted to be able to assess whether or not they would be effective in helping to deliver this objective. CPRE Surrey, who were able to speak, said there would be objections, no doubt, from the communities affected should these sites be included in the final plan. GBC had very little to say about the Normandy/Flexford site and even struggled to show the Inspector a map giving its location.

As residents in Wanborough had hoped, Guildford Borough Council’s Executive Committee voted at their meeting 17 July 2018 to confirm the Wanborough Fields Article 4 Direction. Eleven Wanborough residents attended the meeting to observe the vote.

The report recommending confirmation states in clear terms the benefits of retaining the open landscape provided by Wanborough Fields.

You will have seen work beginning on the barn being redeveloped for residential use, with the wooden barn frame dismantled to make way for the proposed parking spaces, although no decision has been published on the planning application [18/P/00765]. The plan is to construct three 5-bedroom dwellings within the envelope of the present concrete and steel barn.

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