While we have understandably been focused on the damage being done to Wanborough Fields (see article), the current trend of selling off areas of agricultural land or woodland and parcelling them up into small plots for onward marketing is affecting other areas within our community.

Anchor Close

One such is the piece of woodland next to Anchor Close, on the double bend heading towards Guildford on the A323. This is up for auction on 14 April 2021, divided into two 0.3 acre plots and one plot of 2.45 acres. The blurb on the auctioneer's website says, with regard to the smaller plots: "Clearly the land offers immediate use for a range of opportunities for leisure and are a manageable size and a good entry point for land ownership/speculation." That speaks for itself.

Leaping Bar Copse

A site where sales of individual parcels have already taken place is the area of woodland known as Leapingbar Copse, on the Henley Park side where Cobbett’s Hill Road meets the A324 Pirbright Road. Here, on individual plots of land, various structures have been erected and in at least two cases Planning Enforcement has advised that planning regulations have been breached. One concerns the provision of a concrete base on part of the plot; the other the erection of a tree house. Although these may well have been intended quite innocently it is good that, thanks to the vigilance of local residents, the appropriate authorities are now involved.

Henley Business Park

An application has been made for extended night-time operation involving lorry movements at Henley Business Park. The current application, 21/P/00468, replaces an earlier one, 20/P/01001, which was withdrawn. Both are intended to allow “for an extension of the hours of access by commercial vehicles to the eastern service yard only at Unit 6”. Local residents are concerned at the consequences in terms of disturbance at night to neighbours in the adjacent residential area. It is worth noting that although many comments were made objecting to the earlier application there is only one so far objecting to the new one; it is to be hoped that planning officers take both sets of comments into account.

Pirbright Road

A further concern is Pineside Piggeries, adjacent to the A324 Pirbright Road near the junction with School Lane. In September 2019 an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use of the site (General Industrial and Storage and Distribution) was refused. However, local residents believe that the developed area of the site appears to be getting larger and larger year by year. It is understood that Planning Enforcement are aware and are taking action.

Wyke/Elm Hill

Concern has also been expressed at the considerable amount of land clearance in one of the fields to the left of the A323 between Wyke Church and Elm Hill going towards Ash, with a new area of hard standing being created. Again, it is understood that Enforcement are aware.

Green Lane East

Finally, a recent planning application 21/P/00456 seeks to remove conditions that were imposed under planning application 15/P/02363 and were upheld at Appeal in March 2018. If successful, this would allow permanent occupation of the gypsy pitch on the site at 1, The Pines, Green Lane East. The site is in the Green Belt and the application may stand or fall on whether, as GBC claims, there is adequate provision for gypsy and traveller sites elsewhere in the Borough or whether, as the applicant claims, there is an insufficient five-year supply of such sites.


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