There is still no news about the public consultation regarding the Ash Ranges. In January 2020, the MoD published a “Communications Plan for the Proposed New Aldershot & District Military Lands Byelaws”, which stated that public consultation would start in April. A subsequent update said that this had been delayed, although both documents now appear to have disappeared from the web. In the meantime there is a Petition calling for there to be no reduction in public access to the ranges, which has already attracted nearly 11,500 signatures.

In the meantime, in response to Covid-19, the Ministry of Defence has imposed new restrictions on access to the firing ranges part of the site. It is a matter of concern to local residents that these new restrictions – or something more extensive - may become permanent. Local MP, Jonathan Lord, has told a local resident that he and the neighbouring MP, Michael Gove, are due to meet with the Secretary of State for Defence to discuss the matter.

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