Keith Witham, the County Councillor for Normandy reports, "Surrey County Council has enormous pressures on its funding.  Increased demands for essential services, that it must legally provide, such as adult and childrens social services and school places, coupled with reduced Government funding, means Surrey must review its  spending on all the services provided for the county’s residents that are "non-statutory" in other words for which there is either no legal obligation to provide, or which are currently being provided higher than the minimum level. Surrey receives the lowest Government grant of any County Council in the UK".

"One of those services is local transport where the council currently spends around £18 million a year. This includes subsidising public buses, Community Transport and concessionary fares".

"There is a review is to make savings while maintaining the services that residents rely on the most, such as services that get people to work, hospitals and schools. To help achieve this, SCC has launched a public consultation, running from now until 14th January 2015".

You can have your say by 

  • taking part in the online survey, or
  • emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
  • searching the Surrey County Council web site for "online survey"
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