On Thursday, 19 November, the three elected representatives for Normandy ward were welcomed to Normandy Village Hall at 7.30pm by NAG and local residents. Jonathan Lord MP, Keith Witham, Surrey County Councillor and David Bilbe, Guildford Borough Councillor were invited to address the meeting, introduce themselves and outline how their current political experiences affected our community.

The up-to-60 residents present then had their chance to ask questions that ranged from concern about local flooding and local road surfaces, to the reduction in the Surrey Police budget leading to removal of PCSOs, to issues concerning the Guildford Local Plan, and received a range of answers. Residents were amazed that in the context of the draft Guildford Local PLan, infrastructure development did not preceed housing development, making it clear they did not favour the more extreme development options being proposed for the community in the draft Guildford Local Plan and wondered why potential housing development was not spread more evenly wround the borough. Guildford Borough Councillor, David Bilbe, made it clear that the final public consultation on the draft Guildford Local Plan before submission to the Planning Inspectorate for examination in public, would be carried out under Section 19 of the Town & Country Planning Act Regulations, that merely requires the local authority to provide the opportunity for all interested parties to comment on whether the council followed the correct procedures in compiling the plan. There being no further opportunity to comment on the content of the plan befores submission.

The meeting could have exceeeded its allotted time easily but was brought a prompt conclusion at 9.00pm by NAG chairman, Roger Shapley, when our visitors were thanked with a round of appreciative applause.

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