Front line in threat of urban sprawl

The Green Belt Sensitivity analysis carried out by consultants for GBC between the Local Plan Reg 18 and first Reg 19 consultations, indicated the land parcels surrounding and containing Normandy & Flexford (H10, H12, H13, H14 & H16) to be of ‘high sensitivity’, one of the main reasons for the withdrawal of A46, reinforcing the analysis contained in the Green Belt & Countryside Study Volume 5 Appendix 1 that highlighted the role of the same land parcels fulfilling the essential roles of the Green Belt, to prevent sprawl, to prevent the coalescing of settlements and protect the ‘openness’ of the countryside.

Remove ‘inset’ & remain ‘washed over’

To bolster the position of our ward in protecting the west of the borough north of the Hogs Back against this proposed east-to-west and west-to-east sprawl and enhance the Green Belt status of Normandy, Flexford and Wyke, residents should consider proposing the removal of the ‘inset’ planned for our settlements and to remain ‘washed over’ by the Green Belt to continue Normandy & Flexford’s contribution to the ‘openness’ of the Green Belt.

As commented in NAG News, Edition 61, there is evidence in past appeal decisions by planning inspectors that Normandy & Flexford’s land contributes to the ‘openness’ of the Green Belt, a key test for remaining ‘washed over’ and this can be highlighted when writing to GBC on the proposed second Reg 19 Local Plan changes.

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