Land Sensitivity Analysis

The third consultative document "Proposed Submission Local Plan" has seen the removal of the proposed "safeguarded" status of 72.4 hectares of grade 3 agricultural land containing ancient woodland from Wanborough Station to the A323 Guildford Road. As a result of a further survey within the Green Belt & Countryside Study Vol. 5, to assess the 'sensitivity' to development of land parcels on the Green Belt based on a 'traffic light' classification (red=most sensitive, green=least sensitive, amber=moderate sensitivity), the Green Belt land between Flexford and Normandy has been classified as being of "red" sensitivity. Based on this classification, it would be expected the land would not be proposed for development and remain within the Green Belt.

'Developer-led' Proposal

However, a 'developer-led' proposal has been submitted to the council by Taylor Wimpey for the development of this land for 1,100 homes in combination with a 7-entry form secondary school that has arisen from the Surrey County Council evaluation of the impact of future population growth in the west of Guildford borough. The proposal is included in this latest draft Local Plan as Policy A46. The growth in education need is based partly on the Flexford/Normandy proposal and partly on the creation of a further extensive housing development at Blackwell Farm on land owned by University of Surrey. Other outline proposals for Site A46 include a 420-place primary school, a residential home for up to 60 residents (plus the support staff and other facilities), 6 pitches for travelling showpeople, a new village green and 10 hectares of SANG; to help this along the proposals also contain is new comparison retail (A1) space up to 3,000 sq metres and further retail space (A2-A5) up to 1,200 sq metres. One of the sites removed in the previous round of consultation, land to the rear of the Paddocks, including Flexford Pond and an area designated as a Site of Nature Conservation Interest [SNCI] has reappeared as Policy A47 containing a proposal for 50 new homes. 

Impact of Insetting

The further redefinition of land within and between the current settlements as 'urban' is promoted by "insetting" the settlement of Flexford and the settlement of Normandy. The "inset" boundaries in the main follow the redrawn settlement boundaries proposed in the Green Belt & Countryside Study, Volume 4. This will result in the removal of Green Belt planning restrictions, with the 

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