Secondary school at Normandy (Site A46, GBC draft Local Plan)

The proposed site of Normandy/Flexford for a new Secondary School should be rejected as the need for such a school in that location has not been proven.
In its last submission to GBC (July 2014)  Surrey County Council, in its official response, said:  "A site within the proposed urban extension at Blackwell Farm, with all necessary access infrastructure built in and a catchment surrounding the site, would be a more sustainable location in transport terms for a new secondary school to serve the western side of Guildford."   Why has GBC not heeded this advice?

I have highlighted that every neighbouring secondary school is currently undersubscribed, Kings Manor in particular with 57% of its school places currently unoccupied. The birth rate which rose in 2011 and 2012 has reduced for the last two years,  so building new schools now seems very foolhardy.
The addition of forms of entry to current schools will be much more cost effective and of courses sustainable in the long term if there is a reduction in need – an empty classroom is cost neutral in terms of annual budgets,  but an empty or only part subscribed school is unsustainable, having spent £millions on creating it would be  a huge waste of money
Adding forms of entry to several existing schools will see the costs absorbed after the initial capital cost needed to create a few extra rooms – but they still only require one headteacher, one set of staff etc The Head Teacher and Chairman of Governors at Ash Manor School have offered to co-operate with a programme to expand that school.
If SCC Education Officers support the proposal, Surrey County Council needs to demonstrate a clear, and undisputed need for such a school at this location, given the current under-subscription of all neighbouring local secondary schools surrounding Normandy. It should also set out how such a school will be financed. If not, the site should be rejected.

Sunday the 28th - Published by Normandy Action Group, 166 Glaziers Lane, Guildford GU3 2EB - with thanks to Keith Witham, Surrey County Councillor - Hostgator Coupon Template