Environmental concerns and issues

There are other vitally important ecological networks (green infrastructure corridors) that surround A46 (namely Ancient and Semi-natural Woodland, Veteran Trees, Hedgerows, Semi-improved Grassland, Farmland and a Stream) and connect to other important and protected sites within Normandy Parish and the wider countryside
(namely Wanborough and Normandy Woods Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI), A47 The Paddocks SNC! (reassessing this site so GBC can build on it,  Normandy Pond SNCI, Normandy Common SNCI (put forward by the Surrey Local Nature Partnership in 2015), Wyke Churchyard SNCI and Little Flexford SNCI.

On A46 a number of these habitats including Semi-natural Woodland, Veteran and Mature Trees (urban lighting next to Ancient Woodland), Hedgerows, Farmland and Semi-improved Grassland, would have indirect affects on Ancient Woodland habitat and the stream through pollution (light, noise, litter and diffuse land and road runoff), predation and disturbance by increased number of cats and dogs and by people (potential fires and vandalism of trees) will cause major decline of our wildlife.

(Policy 14) Although gardens and the planting of developments play an important part in contributing to sustaining biodiversity, 20 years of research has shown, the continual fragmentation of natural habitat has caused the dramatic decline of our birds and wildlife species to levels where even our most popular species are under threat.

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