Unsubstantiated claims by GBC that ignore the rights of locals to live in a rural environment

GBC claim, A46 Normandy and Flexford ‘strategic site’, ‘will lead to an improvement in services for existing residents’. GBC have purposely ignored Normandy and Flexford residents’ requesting the removal of A46 from the Draft Plan.

Cllr Spooner stated in a letter, ‘many residents have commented on the lack of retail and a pub’. Five shops have closed and a pub because they were no longer economically viable, (change in shopping habits,) the internet and the milkman (deliveries to your door). A46 is already served by 7 supermarkets, a number of convenience stores, all local petrol stations have attached convenience shops. Small parades of local shops struggle to compete in a saturated market.

Wednesday the 17th - Published by Normandy Action Group, 166 Glaziers Lane, Guildford GU3 2EB - with thanks to Keith Witham, Surrey County Councillor - Hostgator Coupon Template