Habitats and wildlife should be protected

All habitat within or adjoining A46 are Priority Habitats under the NERC Act, including protected species (European Protected Species, Species of Principal Importance and those protected by The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). These include Hedgehogs, Dormice, Great Crested Newts, Barn Owls, Stage Beetles, Skylarks, Toads,  Lizards, Grass Snake, Adders, Slow worms, Badger and bats. Although gardens are a positive source of biodiversity, research has shown it is not enough, fragmentation of habitat is the cause of the devastating decline to wildlife. Policy 14 fails in the protection of wildlife.

Important’ views of the village from the surrounding AONB landscape

Policy D4 states that, ‘new development within inset villages will have particular regard to ‘important’ views of the village from the surrounding landscape’. The urbanisation of A46 proposal will impact on views from the Surrey Hills AONB during daylight hours and light pollution during darkness. There is no ‘important relationship
between (A46) the built development and the surrounding landscape’.

The essential characteristics of Green Belt are their openness and their permanence

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