Policy P3: Countryside

Within the area of countryside, as shown on the Policies Map, development will only be permitted provided it:
  • requires a countryside location or where a rural location can be justified, and
  • is proportionate to the nature and scale of the site, its setting and countryside location, and
  • does not lead to greater physical or visual coalescence between the Ash and Tongham urban area and Aldershot.

Response: Object 

This seems more protective – as a policy – than the proposals for the AONB and the Green Belt which is anomalous. Note - we are not in favour of building on this area. We think that the brownfield areas within the urban area are sufficient to meet all reasonable housing targets. There should be no need to build on any green fields if brownfield (previously developed) land is used efficiently. (That does not mean garden-grabbing!). However, we do not think this area justifies stronger policy protection than any other part of the borough. This policy refers to the area of countryside near Ash and Tongham (see paragraph 4.3.28). The fact that the current and previous Council Leaders represent this area should not give It preferential status: “we will seek to limit any development in the countryside unless it can be demonstrated that it is necessary in that location”. Green Belt and AONB areas should – by definition - have higher levels of protection than non-Green Belt areas, which is not the case with this policy.

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