Policy H3: Rural exception homes

Small affordable housing developments, including pitches for travellers will be permitted to meet identified local housing needs provided that:
  • the site adjoins or is closely related to, and in safe and easy walking distance of a defined or a non-defined rural settlement, and
  • the number, size and tenure of homes would be appropriate to meet, or to contribute to meeting, the identified local affordable housing needs, and the homes are all secured as affordable homes in perpetuity.

 Response: Object

This is a Trojan horse policy. It says that homes can be built anywhere near a settlement of any form (this includes agricultural land and the AONB). These homes could be homes for people with a village connection, but they could be for anyone on the Guildford borough housing list. To make the housing viable, or to improve the “mix” this can include “market” housing (i.e. normal commercial development). This policy means building anywhere, and ignoring all historic planning restrictions.

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