Policy H2: Affordable homes

As well as providing and managing affordable homes ourselves, the Council will work with registered providers, developers and landowners to increase the number of affordable homes in the borough toward meeting identified needs.
These affordable homes will be provided:
  • on sites providing five or more homes, or sites of 0.17 ha or more regardless of the number of homes. At least 40 per cent of the homes on these sites must be affordable homes; and
  • on developments providing solely affordable housing either on public sector-owned land or developments by registered providers.

The tenure and size of affordable homes provided on each qualifying site must contribute, to the Council’s satisfaction, towards meeting the mix of affordable housing needs identified in the Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2015, or subsequent affordable housing needs evidence. This currently includes a tenure split of at least 70% rented, with the remainder being other forms of affordable housing. Affordable rent must be no more than the maximum level set out in our most recent housing guidance or strategy. Developers will be expected to provide land for affordable homes at nil value.

We will not grant planning permission for development that would result in the net loss of any affordable homes that have been built, that were secured by planning obligation or condition.

Response: Object

“Affordable” homes, under national definitions, means homes which are sold or rented at 80% of market value. Even at 70% rented this means that these homes will not be cheap, and starter homes will not be made available for local people. There is a viability clause (4.2.40) which means that in practice this could be unenforceable. We would be losing countryside for no local benefit.

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