Policy I2: Supporting the Department for Transport’s “Road Investment Strategy”

Guildford Borough Council is committed to working with Highways England to facilitate major, long-term improvements to the A3 trunk road and M25 motorway in terms of both capacity and safety, as mandated by the Department of Transport’s “Road Investment Strategy”. As such, proposal sites adjacent to the A3 and M25 and other large sites will need to take account of any emerging proposals by Highways England or any other licenced strategic highway authority appointed by the Secretary of State under the Infrastructure Act 2015

Response: Object 

This policy is concerned only with the strategic road network – the A3 and M25 for which the responsibility and decision making lies with Highways England. It is only reasonable that the council will work closely with Highways England to ensure that the Local Plan does not utilise land in a way that limit the scope for future improvements. However, the proposals for the A3 are undecided and the council has suggested a very expensive tunnel proposal that, even if HE decided to go ahead with it, is unlikely to be delivered until the end of the plan period. Less expensive alternative A3 improvements would not be delivered before implementation of the current draft Local Plan and would deliver a massive growth in traffic. The road improvements are likely to lead to massive disruption to traffic during the construction phase on top of an already overloaded road network. It would be folly to make matters worse by committing to a massive housing number and the only logical conclusion is that a very significant traffic constraint should be applied to the OAN for this Local Plan.

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