Policy D4: Development in urban areas and inset villages

Planning permission for new development in the urban areas of Guildford, and Ash and Tongham, and inset villages will be granted provided that it:

  • ensures that the layout, scale, form, massing, height of buildings and structures, and materials relate to the site context and its surroundings
  • respects and compliments the existing grain and street pattern of the area
  • conserves locally and nationally important heritage assets and conserves or enhances their settings,
  • has no unacceptable effect on the amenities enjoyed by the occupants of buildings in terms of privacy, noise, vibration, pollution, dust, smell and access to sunlight and daylight.

In addition to the above, proposals for new development within inset village areas will have particular regard to:

  • the distinctive settlement pattern of the village and the important relationship between the built development and the surrounding landscape;
  • important views of the village from the surrounding landscape;
  • views within the village of local landmarks.

Response: Object 

There are effectively two separate parts to this policy, both are flawed, and in the case on insetting, fatally flawed. In the case of urban development there are numerous flaws, including:

  • The plan envisages that 40% of homes built will be affordable, but this does not provide any accommodation for low paid workers, for example, those on the minimum wage, who cannot afford to buy “affordable” homes, nor can they pay the so-called “affordable” rent. There is a need for some expansion in social housing, especially in urban areas, where there is a greater concentration of low paid workers such as those employed in the retail, warehousing and distribution sectors.
  • The number of homes planned in the urban area is too low – there is a need for regeneration in some areas, but this is ignored and instead the plan concentrates on building homes on green field sites, which does not meet the needs for housing within the town, especially with the centre. This is not a sustainable policy as building outside the town has a disproportionate effect on road traffic.
  • The plan envisages a large expansion of the traditional “bricks and mortar” retail sector, but this is a sector in long term decline.
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