Policy S2: Planning for the borough – our spatial development strategy

During the plan period (2013-33), we will make provision for 13,860 new homes, 37,200 – 47,200 sq m of office and research and development (B1a and b) floorspace and 4.7 – 5.3 hectares of industrial (B1c, B2 and B8) employment land to help meet the needs for new homes, support the economy and supply 3,200 additional B class jobs.

The delivery of homes is expected to increase over the plan period, reflective of timescales associated with the delivery of strategic sites and infrastructure. The housing target each year is as set out below, however, this is not a ceiling, and earlier delivery of allocated sites will be supported where appropriate, subject to infrastructure provision.

We will identify 43 permanent pitches for Gypsies and Travellers and 6 permanent plots for Travelling Show people within Guildford borough between 2012 and 2017. Between 2017 and 2027 an additional 30 pitches and 2 plots will be permitted or any new target as identified within an updated Traveller Accommodation Assessment.

Annual Housing Target

Year Housing
Year Housing
2018/2019 500 2026/2027 700
2019/2020 550 2027/2028 700
2020/2021 600 2028/2029 785
2021/2022 600 2029/2030 790
2022/2023 700 2030/2031 790
2023/2024 700 2031/2032 790
2024/2025 700 2032/2033 790
2025/2026 700    

Response: Object

13,860 homes are proposed. This number has not been scrutinised by councillors despite repeated requests for debate. The assumptions and calculations underlying the model are hidden. It is not reasonable to produce unsubstantiated numbers in order to justify major structural change in a widely protected area (89% Green Belt, 44% AONB, approx. 75% protected by SPA). It is inappropriate to allocate this housing number, either over the plan period OR across projected sites, when the number itself is unsubstantiated. External consultants and members of the public have provided detailed criticisms of the model. IF the housing number were substantially lower, and only met housing need, there would be no need to build on Green Belt or open countryside. The number of homes proposed, plus existing planning permission, plus expected “windfall” sites, exceeds 13,860. Guildford residents would not accept building homes on open countryside to meet Woking’s designated “need” but this seems to be implied.

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