Policy E5: Rural Economy

In order to support economic growth in rural areas, which will create jobs and prosperity, a positive approach to sustainable new development will be taken in Guildford borough. To promote a strong rural economy:

  • the sustainable growth and expansion of all types of business and enterprise in rural areas will be supported, through conversion of existing buildings and provision of well designed
    new buildings of appropriate scale, provided they are in accordance with green belt policy and other policies in the plan
  • the development and diversification of agricultural and other land-based rural businesses will be supported, and
  • the retention and development of local services and community facilities in our inset and identified villages, such as local shops, meeting places, sports venues, cultural buildings, public houses and places of worship, which respect the character of the countryside, will be supported.

The Council will work with our partners at Surrey County Council and the Enterprise M3 LEP to support and improve the provision of internet services where needed in rural areas and enhance digital inclusion in such areas. This will help to retain and promote services and types of business, including traditional agriculture, and help to create more sustainable villages.

To support the rural economy, national policy is more flexible, allowing small-scale development for main town centre uses (see glossary) without applying the sequential approach. The sequential approach will not be applied to applications for small scale rural offices or other small scale rural development.

Response: Object 

Use of rural areas for town centre uses without applying the sequential approach is against the principles of localism which mean that local people should be consulted – and heeded (not ignored!). Villages need protecting both in terms of design and in terms of scale. Previous
commitments to improved high-speed broadband and mobile phone coverage have now been diluted, despite general support. This is disregarding the responses from the previous consultation.

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