Policy E2: Locations of new employment floorspace

Proposals for new office and research and development (use Class B1a and B1b) floorspace will be directed first to Guildford town centre, then sequentially to:

  • locations within 500m of a public transport interchange,
  • Office and Research & Development Strategic Employment Sites unless the proposed floorspace is limited in scale (less than 200 sq m or 25% of the existing office/R&D floorspace whichever is the lower) and/or ancillary to the primary use of the site OR the proposed floorspace meets the criteria set out in policy E4 and is appropriate to be located on Surrey Research Park.

Where net additional floorspace exceeding 200 sq m or 25% of the existing office/R&D floorspace is proposed (whichever is the lower) in the redevelopment or extension of a building in locations other than those set out above, it will need to be demonstrated that there are:

  • no sites available in the locations set out above
  • there is a demonstrated need, and
  • the site is or will be made accessible by sustainable modes of transport.

The expansion of existing offices in locations outside town centres and Strategic Employment Sites should be limited and any development not limited in scale is to be directed to sequentially preferable locations.

Industrial, warehousing and storage:
Proposals for new industrial, warehousing and storage (use Class B1c, B2 and B8) floorspace will be directed to the Industrial Strategic Employment Sites.

All B class development:
Proposals for the development of new B class uses will be encouraged and provision for small business units (less than 50sq m), suitable for start-ups and SME will be encouraged.

Proposals, particularly those of over 5,000 sq m, will be encouraged to provide childcare facilities on or close to the site.

Response: Object 

We are of the opinion that all new office and research and development (use Class B1a and B1b) floor space should be within Guildford town centre. We do not support the policy of expanding the Research Park onto Blackwell Farm and we do not believe there are exceptional circumstances to justify incursion into this permanent and high quality area of Green Belt

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