VISION: Rural businesses, communities and agencies work together to reduce crime in rural Surrey

This could be achieved by:

* Promotion of community safety measures
* Support for community marking schemes
* Community led plans playing a role in identifying issues and need
* Parish and Town Councils providing information, advice and local solutions


Answer - Disagree

Again there seems to be a presumption that communities can replace the functions of the police.  It should be noted that while all of these initiatives are to be welcomed, police involvement within for example neighbourhood watch schemes is extremely important. 

To ask local people to pay council tax to provide services, and then to ask them to pay for those same services by providing them themselves on a voluntary basis is an abnegation of local government responsibility. 

Our Parish Council has given up asking the current of many disappeared PCSOs to come and give a crime report in person or expect even see them carry out an occasional community visit at all.

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