VISION: Effective transport for rural communities that is based on assessment of community needs and community involvement in the delivery of transport services.

This could be achieved by:

* Communities supported to work together to understand their local needs and develop innovative local solutions
* Recruiting more volunteers onto voluntary car schemes and community transport initiatives
* Sharing good practice from other rural areas
* Supporting local bus operators to grow the market
* Ensuring better travel planning information and a better journey experience for passengers


Answer - Disagree

Voluntary transport schemes are inherently limited, both in terms of scope and in terms of funding.  In practice, they are unlikely to be able to offer enough capacity or range to replace any other form of transport.  Replacing public transport with voluntary schemes will not promote public or effective transport, but will result in increased car use, poorer air quality, disadvantaging the elderly, the young and the disabled and increase transport congestion. It is not a solution to anything other than reducing public costs. Supporting local bus operators through local authority subsidy promotes better public transport.

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