VISION: Young people have access to learning, employment and housing, and are able to make an active contribution to their local communities.

This could be achieved by:

* Initiatives to address isolation and social exclusion
* Access to careers advice, employment and  training, including jobs with a rural focus
* Youth facilities and activities
* Transport initiatives to enable access to training, employment and services


Answer - Disagree

Initiatives to address isolation and social exclusion should not just be addressed at young people. Currently there are many services and support networks that are targeted at younger people.  However, there should be equal opportunities for all and age discrimination should not play a part in providing most services.

Young people should have access to careers advice, employment and training, and youth facilities and activities should be promoted.  However, transport should not be directed only at younger members of the community.  The elderly and the disabled also need both transport if isolation and social exclusion is to be addressed.

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