On balance, do you support this Surrey Rural Strategy?

Answer - No

There should be an acceptance that the functions of local government include a responsibility for providing services including libraries, running or administering bus services, providing good quality and effective social care etc.  That is what local government should do; avoiding costs/promoting economic development is not its primary function.

Rural heritage, both in terms of the built and the natural environment is of key importance and it must be treated with respect.  Our history and our heritage is of huge importance both to the residents of Surrey and to people everywhere (look at the international importance of Box Hill or Runnymede).

Our countryside is beautiful. It is also very fragile, badly threatened by economic development, pollution, environmental degradation, fracking, deforestation, mismanagement, overbuilding and gross neglect.  This must be addressed as part of the planning process so that we continue to protect that which is of overriding importance to most of the community.

Representatives need to protect our countryside on behalf of those who elected them, as they have, in large part, previously promised to do. Any agenda driven by central Government is inappropriate, since local government should exist independent of central Government and its party agenda.

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