3. ECONOMY AND ENVIRONMENT: Outdoor Recreation and Access

VISION: Outdoor recreation and accessible green spaces that have a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health, and provide income for local businesses.

This could be achieved by:

* Maximising the economic and health benefits of outdoor recreation and access
* Upgrading existing routes to create new multi-user routes
* Volunteers assisting with the maintenance and enhancement of the rights of way network
* Delivering improvements through funding bids, generating income and car park charge revenue


Answer – Disagree Strongly

Why should outdoor recreation have any link whatsoever to providing income for local businesses?  These should be separate initiatives. This is a thin veneer to justify such schemes as charging people to park at Newlands Corner or any rural facility.

SCC has already reduced its commitment to maintaining PROWs and has produced a policy where all responsibility will pass to Parish Councils who will be faced with either raising volunteer teams from residents to maintain PROWs or increasing their precepts to employ labour directly.  The long-term effect will likely be loss of some PROWs.

In addition, great harm might be done if PROWs and bridleways have their status changed to become BOATs. Off-road vehicles and motorcycles can make rights of way dangerous and impassible. The west of Normandy parish beyond Flexford supports one of the most extensive set of BOATs in Guildford borough and its hard enough to preserve them from encroachment by off-road activities as it is. To give automatic rights to such activity is a real threat to a safe and peaceful countryside.

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