3. ECONOMY AND ENVIRONMENT: Landscape and Habitats

VISION: Conserve and enhance the landscape character of Surrey and its associated habitats, whilst ensuring their sustainable management.

This could be achieved by:

* Production of a baseline State of Nature for Surrey report
* Development and maintenance a register of habitat creation opportunities across Surrey to contribute to a resilient ecological network
* Co-ordinating bids and funding for landscape scale activity
* Support management of habitats to return them to favourable condition
* Better public understanding of the need for conservation management
* Striking the balance between conservation, access and recreation use


Answer - Strongly agree

It is indeed unfortunate that this laudable Vision is being promoted in the face of SCC declared intention to remove nearly £1million of funding from Surrey Wildlife Trust and the introduction of car parking fees at Newlands Corner. There is no point producing expensive baseline reports unless there is a funded action plan that lies beyond it.  There appears little appetite by this government to protect the countryside, rather build houses all over it.  They lobbied hard in Brussels to weaken the Habitats Directive in favour of industry and commerce having a freer reign to destroy our environment; luckily other European states had more sense.

Therefore, we need to protect the countryside and habitats that we have.  We do not need over-development and too much infrastructure. SANGs are a case in point – even 'artificial' countryside is not enhanced by the provision of car parks.

A large proportion of Normandy contains part of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area. This part of the Natura 2000 network of habitats and protects endangered bird species such as the Dartford Warbler.  We need to carefully protect all SSSIs, sites of conservation importance and all our existing countryside, woodland, water meadows and farmland. It is a priceless treasure that cannot be risked for short term economic gain.

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