VISION: Surrey’s woodland management and use is enhanced for sustainable economic production, recreation and ecological benefit.

This could be achieved by:

* Woodland recreation through improved marketing and infrastructure
* Forestry skills development and apprenticeship programmes
* Ecological networks and flood alleviation works created in partnership with landowners
* Enhanced effectiveness of Woodland Management Plans
* Improved infrastructure, supply chain and marketing of wood products including timber and fuel
* Developing the market for wood fuel and wood products


Answer - Neither Agree Nor Disagree

Strong support for ecological networks and flood alleviation, for woodland recreation.  Less support for infrastructure and marketing of wood products - the supply chain is not infinite and some ancient woodland has already been badly damaged by over cutting and aggressive clear felling.  

We have extensive stands of historic Ancient Woodland in Flexford and Normandy that are home to local deer but large parts are threatened by being part of the Green Belt earmarked for future housing development in the draft Guildford Local Plan and are likely to disappear.  This is not sustainable woodland management and will remove rather than create an ecological network.  

Woodland should be managed primarily for environmental benefit, including flood prevention and air quality enhancement as well as ecological and recreational benefit.  Economic production should be a by-product, not a primary focus of woodland management.

Management resources for both environmental departments and links with the Forestry Commission and DEFRA must be adequate and enable enforcement of policies.

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