2. SERVICES AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Emergency Services, Planning and Response

VISION: Community engagement, local knowledge and an integrated agency response to ensure that emergencies in rural Surrey are dealt with effectively.

This could be achieved by

* Emergency planning to deal with emergencies in rural Surrey
* Local community involvement to identify need and find solutions
* Parish and Town Councils play a role in communicating with local people
* Education and awareness to reduce risks


Answer - Disagree

This seems to be yet more avoidance of local government responsibility and its associated cost.  Parish and town councils already play a major role in dealing with communication but in the event of disaster relief or emergencies then the emergency services should be prominent and coordinate issues. 

Flood prevention is not the business of parish councils but needs holistic response across a wide area, as does reaction to flooding.  It would be inappropriate that parish councillors or borough councillors and officers have responsibility for making decisions in such circumstances.

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