VISION: Planning polices and approaches that support locally appropriate rural development to ensure that rural communities and economies are vibrant in the future, while ensuring that the countryside and character of Surrey is protected.

This could be achieved by:

* Neighbourhood Plans that engage local people to identify issues and opportunities
* Positive planning to enable rural Surrey’s communities and businesses to adapt and thrive, while protecting what makes it special
* Greater local authority planner awareness and understanding of rural issues
* Ensuring that development respects and complements local character, especially in Surrey's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
* Developing a Green Infrastructure Strategy for Surrey
* Securing Community Infrastructure Levy funding to deliver improvements to connect people with local green space


Answer - Strongly disagree

Every single step above indicates a pro-development, pro-building agenda that is not supported by the people of Surrey.  The votes to protect the countryside and for local protection of the Green Belt are being implicitly set aside.

Neighbourhood Plans can promote development opportunities, but there is no option to use them to resist development.  There is no reference here to protecting the countryside, except in the surprising suggestion that development should only respect local character in the AONB areas.  Local character should be respected everywhere as a key component of all planning decisions, and there should be a presumption against new development outside settlement areas in the AONB or in areas overlooked by it, in accordance with NPPF.

We do not necessarily want rural development.  The countryside and character of Surrey are of paramount importance to almost all people who live here and protecting that countryside and character should therefore also be of paramount importance to all public servants, officers and elected representatives. Anything else is a dereliction of their social responsibility and a breach of faith with the electorate.

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