VISION: Rural towns that are vibrant hubs of enterprise and services, with the housing, business premises and skills to ensure viability.

This could be achieved by:

* Business and civic communities developing a better understanding of issues, needs and opportunities in rural towns
* Maintaining and expanding hub services in Surrey rural towns
* Building community capacity and local volunteering in rural towns
* Greater co-ordination, collaboration and sharing of knowledge and good practice across towns in Surrey
* Funding opportunities for rural towns, including Local Enterprise Partnership support


Answer - Strongly disagree

This seems to be an indirect justification for commercial and physical over-development of small towns or large villages so that they become larger ones - which is presumably not the wish of their current residents, or they would have chosen to live in a larger town.

When does a "large village" become a town and where does the problem of rural coalescence between settlements get addressed?

Most of rural Surrey is Green Belt, agricultural land, woodland or protected areas. It should not be regarded merely as development land to permit additional building. 

Local Enterprise Partnership hubs are not necessarily desirable as far as members of the community are concerned and should not be imposed on those communities.

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