2. SERVICES AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Broadband, Mobile Connectivity and Digital Inclusion

VISION: Improved broadband and mobile connectivity and digital inclusion to ensure that residents and businesses in rural Surrey can take advantage of the opportunities that it offers and are not disadvantaged by ‘digital by default’ initiatives.

This could be achieved by:

* Identifying broadband and mobile ‘not spot’ areas in rural Surrey
* Identifying possible community solutions where market failure exists
* Creating programmes to support digital inclusion for rural Surrey communities and business


Answer - Agree

Improved broadband would be desirable, but it is not in place at present. It needs to be managed effectively to identify where there is failure in current provision. Part of this aspiration should result in  pressure from SCC, that has already committed £20 million to the Surrey-wide roll-out of “super-fast” broadband, onto the Department for Culture, Media & Sport to force BT to solve the rural “not-spot” problem from their own profits rather than continually put its hand out for more subsidy.

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