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East Guildford Residents Association

The fore-runner of Guildford Residents Association.  Based on residents associations from Effingham, East & West Horsley, East & West Clandon, Merrow.

Employment Land Assessment

Assesses how much employment land GBC are likely to need within Guildford borough to 2031. In the report employment floor space means all commercial and industrial uses which fall into classes B1, B2 and B8 of the Use Classes Order, and also some stand-alone uses such as car showrooms (see table in the introduction).  The ELA uses three recommended approaches to estimate future employment land and floor space requirements and provides an estimate for a range of additional floor space that the new Local Plan should provide to meet the borough's identified employment needs.  In the report GBC compare the estimate for additional floor space to the current potential capacity and identify possible future sites for employment land to ensure there is a degree of choice and flexibility of floor space to ensure that the local property market can operate efficiently.

Fairlands & Liddington Hall Action Group

A residents action group formed by Fairlands residents in Worplesdon Parish as a result of the threat of significant housing development on 22 hectares of land to the rear of the current settlement

Green Belt & Countryside Study

Helps to show how much growth GBC could accommodate across the borough whilst still preserving the important role that Green Belt and countryside land currently fulfils. It also looks at whether GBC could designate new Green Belt land. It is very important to note that this study does not allocate land for development nor does it imply that land is suitable for development. Instead, the study offers a range of sites that GBC may choose to allocate through the Local Plan process.


Guildford Greenbelt Group

Formed late 2013 by members of Guildford Residents Association [GRA] as a result of dissatisfaction with position adopted on the GBC Local Plan. Subsequently became constituted as a political party and stood at the local elections in Guildford Borough in 2015. Currently has three borough councillors. 

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