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Planning Archive - Planning Applications 2012


Reference: 12/P/02125
Location: Repairable Vehicles, Chapel Farm, Guildford Road, Normandy, Guildford, GU3 2AU
Proposal: Consultation from Surrey Country Council for the retention of night watchman's caravan for security purposes in conjunction with the use of the site as an end-of-life vehicle scrapyard
Close Date: Wed 02 Jan 2013
Case Officer: Gill Hanson
Reference: 12/P/02034
Location: Land North of, Green Lane East, Normandy, Guildford, GU3
Proposal: The retention of a barn, with reduction to its size, for storage of feed and associated machinery along with additional hardstanding.
Close Date: Mon 11 Nov 2013
Case Officer: Nick Upton
Reference: 12/P/01887
Location: 2020 Recycling Ltd, Chapel Farm, Guildford Road, Normandy Guildford, GU3 2AU
Proposal: Consultation from Surrey County Council to allow the use of some 3.4ha of land for the receipt, processing and distribution of up to 30,000 tonnes per annum of non-hazardous skip wastes including the change of use of some 0.036ha of previously developed land; the repair and maintenance of 2020 Recycling and Associates' vehicles, the storage of full and empty skips awaiting hire; the erection of seven precast concrete external storage bays; alterations to the existing workshop building including the raising of roof height and replacement of three smaller workshop roller shutter doors with taller versions; erection of a 2.5m galvanised steel palisade fence on the western and northern boundaries; the repositioning of a 2.5m high acoustic barrier on the southern boundary (description amended by Surrey County Council on 25/01/13)
Close Date: Wed 17 Apr 2013
Case Officer: Gill Hanson
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