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The application [SCC 2017/0118 and GBC 17/P/01585] for the change of use to waste paper and waste cardboard recovery and transfer facility, plus overnight HGV parking at Cobbett Hill Earth Station, Cobbett Hill Road, Normandy, Guildford, Surrey GU3 2AA is due to be considered by the Surrey County Council Planning Committee on 15 November 2017.

More than 20 residents have submitted comments to Guildford Borough Council and some to Surrey County Council Waste & Minerals Planning team on this proposal, the majority in opposition.

Subsequent to the publication of the Housing White Paper, the government delayed the release of proposals for a 'standardised' method of calculating 'housing need' in a local plan. The proposed formula, where 'affordability' now plays a major part, is subject to consultation, with the consultation period ending in November 2017.

Local community groups have been dismayed to see that this formula, if applied to Guildford borough, would result in a 59% uplift in currently proposed housing targets contained in the draft Guildford Local Plan, according to the data table released by the government.

Guildford Borough Council report that 9,500 comments from 3,300 individuals and organisations were received in response to the the June/July 2017 consultation on the updates to the Local Plan.

Over 6,000 residents, businesses, community groups and stakeholders made 32,174 comments during last year's Regulation 19 pre-submission public consultation in June/July 2016. Those comments remain valid and will be submitted alongside the subsequent comments made about the changes to the plan during this second Regulation 19 consultation.

The council leader has stated that the council remains on target to submit the plan to the Planning Inspector in December 2017.

Residents of Glaziers Lane have recently attended an "exhibition" at Normandy Village Hall for a substantial housing development at the former Elm Gardens site. This would represent the first steps in a planning application, characterised as a 'public consultation' exercise.

Currently occupied by a number of small businesses and a large storage facility for concrete framed building components, the accompanying site layout illustration suggests approximately 30 or so dwellings, with a mixture of detached, semi-detached and terraced units of 2, 3 and 4-bedrooms.

A proposal for the demolition of Vaglefield Farm and its associated agricultural outbuildings in support of planning application 17/P/01840 for four detached and two semi-detached dwellings has been submitted. When combined with the application for nine detached dwellings at land adjacent to the North Downs railway line [17/P/01413], Glaziers Lane is now subject of two applications and one appeal for new housing.

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