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House builder Bewley Homes has submitted a planning application [17/P/00513] on land at Ash Manor, SAsh Green Lane for 95 homes. This appears to be part of a two phase approach where, if Phase 1 permission is granted, a second phase application for a further 97 homes will follow. 

Normandy Action Group is pleased that the council has responded to residents' concerns that the evidence brought forward to justify 1,100 homes on Site A46 was incorrect, removing the site from the Local Plan; Site A47 (an SNCI) has gone too.

Planning application 16/P/01452 for 42 dwellings on land east of Glaziers Lane, adjacent to the North Downs railway line and north of the railway bridge, has been refused. While there were circumstances that weighed in favour of the development, according to the decision letter, they did not amount to the "very special circumstances" needed to outweigh substantial harm to the Green Belt.

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