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A message was sent to members of Guildford Residents' Association [GRA] to help support discussions with potential local election candidates and inform residents of the range of issues.  It ran as follows...


"The plea is intended as common ground to be accompanied by local matters as appropriate.  In any discussion with candidates, the following context may be helpful:

  • The 652 housing figure we express concern about is the “target” used in the draft Plan.  The “target” figure we propose of 300-345 was agreed jointly by the Guildford Society, GVG, CPRE and GRA taking account of need and constraints. 
  • We are fully aware that the “target” figure is not the same as the so called “need” figure of 620 – 816 homes a year (2011-31) identified in the draft Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA).  There is a move by GBC Councillors and officers to suggest we do not need to worry about the “need”/SHMA figure because constraints will bring the “target” figure down.  We do not accept this. The SHMA figure will be a major driver against which the many major development proposals across the borough will be judged by inspectors and is an artefact of a formula that is ill-suited to the circumstances of a Green Belt and London commuter belt, university town.  The Mayor has successfully rejected use of the standard formula to estimate “need” in London.  We should be clear the formula is equally inappropriate in our circumstances.  For Guildford, both the way “need” is assessed and the “constraints” matter.
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