The adjacent field to the 2016 "affordable" housing development is now subject of a planning application. Application 18/P/01591 is presented as an "Outline application for residential development for affordable housing with access via Hawthorn Close" at "Land south of, Beech Lane, Normandy, GU3 2JH."

GBC say that, as this is a complete redevelopment of the site, it is a major Application. Therefore 20 letters/emails or more contrary to the Officer's recommendation would need to be received before it was referred to the Planning Committee. Please note that no recommendations have been made so far. Also, this is only an Outline Application, although looking at the documents submitted, it looks pretty comprehensive.

The previous development for "affordable" housing was supported by a Housing Needs survey carried out in Normandy and proposing a specific solution for local residents on the housing register. For this outline permission application, no new evidence has been brought forward to indicate a further need in Normandy.

The usual issues arise with this land, as they did with the previous development:

  • the land is in the Green Belt (contravenes at least one of the purposes of the Green Belt)
  • the land is beyond the existing settlement boundary
  • there are continuing issues with the water table and flood risk in Beech Lane that will be further exacerbated by sealing land that acts as a SuDS (sustainable drainage system) at the point of greatest flood risk in Beech Lane
  • the land is outwith the proposed "inset" boundary of Flexford in the Guildford Local Plan and represents over-development

The 21 days allowed for comment expires on 4th September, although the close date for public comment quoted on the GBC planning page for this application is 14 September 2018.

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