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Pirbright Institute have submitted a new planning application for further buildings at the Ash Road site for the construction and operation of a hazardous waste incinerator. In July 2016, the Pirbright Institute was granted Outline Planning Permission (OPP) (ref: 15/P/00604) by Guildford Borough Council (GBC) for the demolition and redevelopment of part of its Campus in Pirbright, known as the Pirbright Campus. 

As with all outline permissions, the content of the final proposal is unknown until the applicant submits their proposals. The Institute is now submitting its proposal to GBC [17/P/02579] for the development of a high containment large animal facility [HCLAF] in a plot in the south east corner of the site.

The HCLAF would be served by an incinerator, which would be used to process whole animal carcasses, animal waste and animal bedding, and some small quantities of radioactive waste from the high containment laboratories within the Building.

The proposed incinerator would have a capacity to incinerate up to 250kg of waste per hour and it is expected to have a throughput of approximately 75 tonnes of waste a year. The incinerator would operate intermittently over the course of the year (every two to three months) in batches for a relatively short duration of one to five consecutive days per batch. It would operate for up to 12 hours a day, and 360 hours a year.

The 2017 annual report of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board [AHDB] quotes figures from DEFRA that indicate the approximate average deadweight for cattle is 350kg for an individual animal (Table 4.6 Cattle average carcase weights, UK, 2013–2016, p13). This would imply approximately 250-300 carcases a year based on the operation parameters above.

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