Outline permission is being sought for 300 homes on the far western border of Normandy ward [17/P/00507], 500 metres from the north part of Site A29 opposite Ash Hill mini-roundabout on the A323 at the eastern border of Ash South & Tongham ward (a total of 1,750 homes) proposed in the draft Guildford Local Plan 2017.


The site’s northern boundary and approx. one sixth of its land is within 400 metre TBHSPA development exclusion zone. The land is in the Green Belt and outside the settlement boundary. The potential for urban sprawl eastwards from Ash into Normandy ward is self-evident, with the proposed site removing 11.7 hectares of essential Green Belt.

Using ONS figures of 2.4 persons and 1.5 vehicles per household, this site would generate an additional 720 people and 450 vehicles and their associated vehicle movements up and down the A323, adding to existing congestion.

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