House builder Bewley Homes has submitted a planning application [17/P/00513] on land at Ash Manor, SAsh Green Lane for 95 homes. This appears to be part of a two phase approach where, if Phase 1 permission is granted, a second phase application for a further 97 homes will follow. 

The land lies within that area of the borough defined as "Countryside beyond the Green Belt" and can be identified as part of Site A29 in the proposed submission Guildford Local Plan 2017 docuemnts currently out for public consultation; it is within approximately 1 mile of the Hogs Back that lies within the Surrey Hils AONB and contributes to the views into and out of land that is second only in classification to a National Park. The land lies adjacent to an area recognised as being of 'high archaeological importance'.

The site lies within Land Parcel K9 as identified in the Green Belt & Countryside Study Volume 5, Appendix 1 Green Belt Purposes Schedule where it is listed as og 'high sensitivity', fulfilling three of the key purposes of Green Belt land; checking the eastward sprawl of Ash; preventing the settlements of Ash Green and Ash from merging; and having minimal existing development therefore safeguarding the countryside from encroachment. This proposal abrogates all three purposes.

The land lies within the 5km mitigation zone of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area [TBHSPA]. The applicant is proposing the SANG at Ash Lodge Drive as mitigation. Natural England have reluctantly agreed but require 'Grampian' rules to be followed i.e. the SANG must be proved to be in existence with a suitably funded management plan for 20 years, before development can proceed.

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