Guildford Borough Council have activated the Regulation 19 public consultation period for the draft Guildford Local Plan (12 noon, 6 June 2016) to last for 6 weeks. Borough residents are being encouraged to submit their views on the plan and its supporting evidence by 11.59pm on Monday 17 July. For Flexford and Normandy residents, this will be the third occasion they will be writing to express their opinion. 


After the release of the EAB Draft Guildford Local Plan that identified Green Belt land between Flexford and Normandy as a target for 1,100 homes, a large secondary school, accompanying retail development and travelling showpeople pitches, residents flooded the mailboxes of members of the Guildford Borough Council Executive with letters and e-mails, demonstrating their opposition to this site proposal. The leader of the council remarked he had received approximately 500 letters or emails. This was continued in advance of the consideration of the draft Local Plan by the full council on 24 May. Many wrote to all 48 councilllors with relevant points, drawing attention to what they saw as the shortcomings of the proposal. Much of this was informed by the information provided by Normandy's Surrey County Councillor, Keith Witham on the number of secondary school places available in the west of the borough that could absorb the increase in pupil numbers estimated to flow from the potential development of housing in Flexford/Normandy (1,100 homes) and at Blackwell Farm (1,800 homes) on land owned by University of Surrey.  

During proceedings, an unexpected amendment was introduced by Normandy ward's borough councillor David Bilbe and adopted into the draft plan. Should Surrey County Council fail to prove there was demand for 7 new entry classes at secondary level during the plan's examination by a planning inspector, the proposed development would be withdrawn.   

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