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Guildford Borough Council [GBC] issued a decision letter dated 14 December 2015 indicating refusal of planning application 15/P/01670 for outline permission to build 78 dwellings and retail space of 405 metres. This decision was delegated to officer level and not considered by the full GBC Planning Committee. Key to the decision was that the applicant was unable to provide enough persuasive evidence to support the "very special circumstances" required to outweigh "substantial harm" to the Green Belt. This decision adds to the weight of other decisions around the Normandy settlement of the contribution to the "openness of the Green Belt" represented by areas of land beyond the settlement boundary and how development would cause significant harm to the character of the area.

It is also recognises in the decision that there is no overriding public interest to enable the development to take place within the 400m-5km protection zone of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area [TBHSPA].  TBHSPA is a site of of conservation significance within the European Natura 2000 arrangements and the local planning authority could not satisfy itself that this development proposal would not adversely affect the integrity of the site, generating extra visitors and potential disturbance by canine pets from the new housing.

At the time of the GBC decision, inadequate areas of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace [SANG] were available within 5km of the development site and illustrates the continuing importance of wider community opposition to the planning application to create a 32.4 hectares of SANG at Russell Place Farm, Frog Grove Lane, Wood Street [13/P/01453]. The proposed SANG targeted for mitigation in the earlier application at North Wyke Farm is part of the approved development site for 400 houses at Ash Lodge Drive, Ash [12/P/01973], completely outwith Normandy ward and the purview of Normandy residents. However, as the Officer Report points out, this has yet to be implemented.

More worryingly, the Officer Report goes on the say "Given that there is a prospect of a SANG capacity becoming available within the lifetime of a planning permission it is considered reasonable to impose a "Grampian-style" planning condition to prevent development commencing until such time that the Council has agreed in writing that the required mitigation has been delivered. Natural England has considered the use of "Grampian conditions" (see NPPG, "Use of Planning Conditions", Para 009) and has advised that this would be appropriate." The conclusion must be that, should SANG become available within 5km of the site, were this application re-submitted, it might receive a favourable response. 

Furthermore, the Officer Report states that "While the site was originally identified in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment [SHLAA] in 2012 and the Green Belt and Countryside Study (2012) these do not consider in detail the potential impact of developments and do not necessarily mean that the development of the sites will be considered acceptable. In any event, the Council is updating its Land Availability Assessment and this will review all sites that were previously identified in the SHLAA." Considering that it is admitted earlier in the Officer Report that the draft Local Plan can only deliver sites to fulfill 2.4 years of house building instead of the 5 years required by the NPPF, this too takes on an ominous tone.

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