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Please ensure all responses are submitted by the deadline.

The manner with which residents letters and documents were treated last time when received by the council encourages us to remind you to submit by more than one means if possible.  If you are choosing to respond on-line, why not be doubly sure and submit a written version of your responses.

In all cases, make sure your response type is clearly stated.  

If you are answering the questionnaire, the questions are asking if you agree or not.  Clearly define the question number and the question to which you are answering, state "YES" you agree or "NO" you disagree, before expressing your detailed answer.  Be careful where there are multi-part questions to answer each part separately.

 When responding the 19 Policies, list your responses to each of the Policies, label your answer at the top with the Policy number and name and then clearly either "ACCEPT" or "REJECT" before setting out your arguments. 

When responding to the Site Allocations, state the number and name/location of the site, whether you "ACCEPT" or "REJECT" the site allocation and then present your arguments to support your overall response.

Postal address for you r responses:

Planning Policy
Planning Services
Guildford Borough Council
Millmead House
Surrey GU2 4BB

Email address for your responses:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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