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Subsequent to the publication of the Housing White Paper, the government delayed the release of proposals for a 'standardised' method of calculating 'housing need' in a local plan. The proposed formula, where 'affordability' now plays a major part, is subject to consultation, with the consultation period ending in November 2017.

Local community groups have been dismayed to see that this formula, if applied to Guildford borough, would result in a 59% uplift in currently proposed housing targets contained in the draft Guildford Local Plan, according to the data table released by the government.

Guildford Borough Council report that 9,500 comments from 3,300 individuals and organisations were received in response to the the June/July 2017 consultation on the updates to the Local Plan.

Over 6,000 residents, businesses, community groups and stakeholders made 32,174 comments during last year's Regulation 19 pre-submission public consultation in June/July 2016. Those comments remain valid and will be submitted alongside the subsequent comments made about the changes to the plan during this second Regulation 19 consultation.

The council leader has stated that the council remains on target to submit the plan to the Planning Inspector in December 2017.

Residents of Glaziers Lane have recently attended an "exhibition" at Normandy Village Hall for a substantial housing development at the former Elm Gardens site. This would represent the first steps in a planning application, characterised as a 'public consultation' exercise.

Currently occupied by a number of small businesses and a large storage facility for concrete framed building components, the accompanying site layout illustration suggests approximately 30 or so dwellings, with a mixture of detached, semi-detached and terraced units of 2, 3 and 4-bedrooms.

A proposal for the demolition of Vaglefield Farm and its associated agricultural outbuildings in support of planning application 17/P/01840 for four detached and two semi-detached dwellings has been submitted. When combined with the application for nine detached dwellings at land adjacent to the North Downs railway line [17/P/01413], Glaziers Lane is now subject of two applications and one appeal for new housing.

A number of years have elapsed since the failed application for an old people's home on the former Duke of Normandy public house site was rejected by council planners, to be followed by a similarly rejected proposal for four dwellings. The new application [17/P/01784] is for three three-bedroom dwellings fronting Aldershot Road.

Borough-wide referendum 13 October 2016

Guildford's political groups have united to campaign against introducing an elected mayor system in an up-coming referendum that could change how the borough is governed. 

The referendum is being forced by a petition launched by former councillor Monika Juneja asking whether Guildford borough should be led by an elected mayor; campaign flyers are already beginning to be distributed in the borough.

Location: Fairoaks Smallholding (part of Brook Farm), Aldershot Road, Normandy, Guildford, GU3

Ref: APP/Y3615/W/15/3134364

Appeal Open Date: 16 September 2015

The owner of the land to the south of Grassypiece Copse recently submitited an appeal against the refusal by Guildford Borough Council [GBC] to grant planning permission for a change of use of an existing building from commercial to residential.  

Residents have been taken by surprise at the sudden appearance of a new planning application (15/P/01670) for 73 dwellings plus retail space at the North Wyke Farm site at the Westwood Lane cross-roads opposite Wyke School. Refused by the Planning Inspector at appeal on the previous occasion in July 2015 for inappropriateness in the Green Belt under current borough council policies, the applicant has submitted 37 new documents to support the new outline application.

Created by consultants Allies & Morrison, the Guildford Town Centre Master Plan document presents a view of the future of the town and has been widely publicised in the local press. The lead councillor for planning and the council leader believe the proposals are "based on local people’s clearly-expressed wishes", "delivering what the town and borough need for the benefit of local people." 

After due consideration, the Planning Inspector that examined the appeal in public (APP/Y3615/A/14/2214238) dismissed the appeal, finding "...the proposal would be inappropriate development in the Green Belt, harmful to openness and to one of the purposes of the Green Belt. No other material considerations outweigh the harm so as to amount to very special circumstances to justify the proposed development."

Residents had worked extremely hard to combat this application, adjacent as it was to the site of 26 new affordable housing units being built on behalf of Mount Green Housing Association, putting forward their concerns over likely local flood risk.  If built, these additional units on the green field alongside the North Downs Line railway embankment would result in an area of intensive housing development in what has previously been a quiet country lane.

On Wednesday 24 September 2014 , local media carried the story attributed to leader of the council, Steven Mansbridge, that there is to be a big delay to Guildford's Local Plan. Before the delay, the next draft of the document was due to be released in March. There is now no set date on this new document, but Cllr. Mansbridge has said it will definitely be after the elections in May next year.  This announcement follows comments by Guildford MP Anne Milton in the local press that the current plan ‘lacks vision and ambition’.


Please ensure all responses are submitted by the deadline.

The manner with which residents letters and documents were treated last time when received by the council encourages us to remind you to submit by more than one means if possible.  If you are choosing to respond on-line, why not be doubly sure and submit a written version of your responses.

In all cases, make sure your response type is clearly stated.  

If you are answering the questionnaire, the questions are asking if you agree or not.  Clearly define the question number and the question to which you are answering, state "YES" you agree or "NO" you disagree, before expressing your detailed answer.  Be careful where there are multi-part questions to answer each part separately.

 When responding the 19 Policies, list your responses to each of the Policies, label your answer at the top with the Policy number and name and then clearly either "ACCEPT" or "REJECT" before setting out your arguments. 

When responding to the Site Allocations, state the number and name/location of the site, whether you "ACCEPT" or "REJECT" the site allocation and then present your arguments to support your overall response.

Postal address for you r responses:

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Normandy Action Group will be holding its Annual General Meeting in Normandy Village Hall, 7.00 pm, Tuesday 9 September

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