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The land adjacent to the North Downs railway line, north of the railway bridge and east of Glaziers Lane, has had a new planning application submitted. Originally brought forward as a site in the 2014 draft Guildford Local Plan and subject of a more recent planning application [16/P/01452] for 42 dwellings, the new proposal [17/P/01413] is for 9 detached and semi-detached dwellings; the submitted site plan envisages a combination of 3, 4 and 5-bedroom properties within the existing building line.

Normandy residents attended the public enquiry at GBC Millmead, Tuesday 2 August 2016, along with Normandy's Guildford Borough Councillor, David Bilbe, into the appeal for 78 houses and retail space at North Wyke Farm [APP/Y3615/W/16/3146286]. NPPF paragraphs 79 and 87 held sway [see decision], the applicant providing insufficient evidence that the benefits of the development would prove the "very special circumstances" required for such a development in the Green Belt at this location.

Did you write to object to the original submission?  If you did you might have received a letter or email from the case officer at Guildford Borough Council Planning Department in the last few days requesting you to submit a new response to further information submitted by the land owner's agent.  This time you have 14 days only and the close date is 25 August 2014.

First, Neonova Design has carried out a 'content analysis' of the objections and then submitted a rebuttal of each of the key points. Secondly, in response to the large proportion of objections to the stress that would be placed on the local road infrastructure and a requirement of Surrey County Council Highways for a Transport Plan, a consultant report has been submitted.  The report consists of a 12-page report backed by and appendix of 120 pages of traffic simulation statistics.

At its heart the consultants report indicates the junction has a design capable of supporting increased traffic flows without the need for major redesign.  This is based on traffic flow figures drawn from a database, not based on factual observations at peak times of drop-off and pick-up during term time at Wyke School.

There is no assessment of the road safety implications for parents and children of the increase in potential vehicle movements in and out of the access points in the submitted site layout on the congestion at peak times caused by the parking of parents' vehicles at the junction of Westwood Lane and Guildford Road and the junction of School Lane and Guildford Road.

Please submit your responses to: 

Lisa Stevenson
Guildford Borough Council
Planning Services
Guildford GU2 4BB

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