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Hot on the heels of eleven new documents being submitted to the current planning application page on the Guildford Borough Council [GBC] web site [13/P/01453] for change of use of Grade 3 agricultural land to 34.5 hectares of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace [SANG] at Russell Place Farm, Frog Grove Lane, Wood Street on 2 December 2015, residents that had previously written received a new letter from GBC dated 3 December 2015, giving them 21 days to submit their comments, making the close date for comments 24 or 25 December 2015, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


Using the government formula to calculate the number of houses that might be built within the TBHSPA 5 km protection zone by designation of this land as SANG (i.e. 8 hectares SANG per 1,000 population @ 2.4 people per household, giving 52 new dwellings per hectare), results in the 34.5 hectares at Russell Place Farm supporting circa 1,800 new houses in the Green Belt within a 5 km radius of the SANG, potentially covering sites including safeguarded land areas proposed as part of the draft Guildford Local Plan in Normandy, Fairlands and Lyddington Hall.

At the public enquiry held by the Planning Inspectorate in July 2015 at GBC Millmead for the North Wyke Farm appeal [14/P/00779 and APP/Y3615/W/15/3002308], it was remarked that the Russell Place Farm land owner remained in negotiation at that time, since Natural England had objected to the application due to an inadequate management plan; consequently,no SANG was available to the North Wyke Farm applicant for the site proposals within the 5km protection zone of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area [TBHSPA].  Residents have been surprised by a second application [15/P/01670] made for the North Wyke Farm site on 2 September 2015 for a reduced number of dwellings.

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