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There is in reality no policy on infrastructure. The housing proposals in the Plan have been put forward with no serious plan to deal with the present defects in infrastructure let alone the increased pressures that would be put on infrastructure by the new houses. Roads are already unable to deal with the weight of traffic particularly in the town centre and areas around schools. Schools themselves are full and will clearly be unable to cope with the increased number of children requiring education if all the new homes proposed are built. Drainage is already a problem with flooding a regular occurrence and this will only be worse if the Green Belt is concreted over.

The settlement of Normandy lies on a spring line where even new housing at the junction of Glaziers Lane and Guildford Road finds sewage backing up into its toilets after a heavy rain storm. Wyke School is full so that new arrivals in the village have to be sent many miles to find their education and the Normandy surgery list is effectively full and local residents often find themselves sent to the alternative Fairlands Medical Centre 2 miles by bus or car for treatment. The train service from Flexford Station is acceptable but the car park is small and would be overwhelmed by all the extra cars that would be generated by the proposed development in the ‘safeguarded’ land.

Monday the 13th - Published by Normandy Action Group, 166 Glaziers Lane, Guildford GU3 2EB - with thanks to Keith Witham, Surrey County Councillor - Hostgator Coupon Template