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This Corporate Plan referred to in this policy has not been the subject of public scrutiny. With very full employment in the Borough the need for economic development should be related closely to increase in population otherwise it will lead to increased pressure on the infrastructure and inappropriate development in the Green Belt. New employment sites in the Green Belt should not be considered until urban brown field sites have been utilised.

Henley Business Park, Normandy is sited less than 400m from the TBHSPA SSSI. It has been re-developed in the last 5 years to become a site of large distribution facilities serviced by 44 tonne articulated HGVs. There is the potential for significant rises in the CO2, NO, NO2 and particulate emissions produced by the vehicles based here and visiting businesses here, threatening the protected species on the SSSI. These businesses are low density employment and employ few if any local people from the settlements of Normandy and Flexford. There is no public bus service past this site and access for employees is mostly by private car.

This policy refers only to floor area and makes no reference to the type and economic quality of organisations that might be attracted to this site. Currently 30% of the floor space is empty. In the long run of this plan period the ecological damage potential of this site is great but unpredicted and the economic viability is unassessed. This policy should refer to both parameters and give a measurable threshold for air pollution components (see above) that should a) be measured perpetually and b) be enforceable and give a measurable threshold for a) occupancy based on proportion of floor area occupied over a 12 month period and b) gross number of employees over a 12 month period. Where such thresholds are not met, the site should be put forward for other non-commercial options that do not damage the ecological requirements of the immediately adjacent TBHSPA SSSI.

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