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It had long been argued by local residents and community groups that the basis of the West Surrey Strategic Housing Market Assessment [SHMA] produced by consultants GL Hearn, whose modelling underpins much of the local authority arguments about the Objectively Assessed Need [OAN] of 695 houses per annum, was distorted by an assumption in the ONS population estimates that students who occupied the critical 20-24 year old cohort did not return home at the end of their courses but remained in the local community to swell future household formation and thus falsely ramp up apparent housing need. The arguments and analysis produced in Guildford by our local residents and community groups seem to have had an important impact on ONS thinking.

As the first week passes of the Examination in Public of the Guildford Local Plan, there have been widely differing estimates of the annual housing number presented by local groups (e.g. GGGGRAGVG), the Council and its advisers GL Hearn, and the group representing commercial housebuilders and developers (Guildford Housing Forum), from as low as 272 by GGG to over 1,000 by the housebuilders and developers.

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